Photo Maria Grazia Puschiasis

Hi Everyone, I am Claudio!

Since I was a child I have been so interested in Visual Art. At school I tried learning more and more about colours, lines, imagine composing, light, shadows, meanings, style etc. My feeling for the beauty of Art grew. Every day, I used to go out for a walk and I was always amazed at how the same places, objects, situations in front of me could change in their aspects with the changing of the light during the day, What is more the light stirred different sensations, emotions and feelings deep inside me. Hence the need to start using my father's analogic camera in order to catch everything about the light.

I discovered the power and magic of light.

Photography represents for me...


I shoot what I feel, discovering and capturing emotions.

Seeing what is already in my mind

I like looking for the several aspects of beauty around me, because it is everywhere.

A photo can say everything

It can transmit emotions, evoking moments, because I always try to see through my heart first and then through my eyes.

When I take a picture, my imagination tries to create a new reality around me.